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Glendale Medical Malpractice Attorney

Misdiagnosis Resulting in Serious Illnesses

When a person visits a health care professional, they expect a degree of skill and experience based on the person's education and their license to practice whatever field of medicine they are trained in. It is normally expected that a medical provider will use this skill and experience to properly evaluate a patient's condition and provide them with the correct diagnosis and treatment recommendations for the condition they are suffering from. Sadly, this does not always occur.

If you or a loved one has been harmed or made more severely ill due to a misdiagnosis by a medical professional, you may have a right to file a claim for damages. By contacting a Glendale personal injury attorney to discuss your situation, the legal professionals at the Pacific Attorney Group can direct you in the appropriate legal steps to take.

Medical Errors: Seeking Sizeable Compensation

A misdiagnosis does not always occur due to negligence. There can be legitimate reasons for an incorrect diagnosis. The legal marker for negligence occurs when a doctor fails to take the steps that are expected under the circumstances for that particular illness or injury that any prudent and experienced medical provider would normally take. A misdiagnosis can result in catastrophic consequences to a patient. Someone suffering from a serious illness that is failed to be diagnosed due to incompetence or neglect by the treating physician may be entitled to compensation for the harm done to them.

Such errors as failing to diagnose a serious staph infection, inadequate medication for a heart condition, or treating the wrong condition can all lead to severe illnesses, even death. The treating doctor or medical facility must be held accountable for such errors, which can devastate lives and cause untold harm. These types of situations often lead to extensive follow-up medical costs that could have been prevented if the treating physician had properly diagnosed the condition. For experienced legal representation when you have suffered from a misdiagnosis, contact our office.

When you have suffered due to a misdiagnosis of an illness or injury, contact a Glendale medical malpractice attorney today.

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